Reseller Setup

How To Setup Resale Rights Products Step By Step

Notice: The videos below are geared towards setting up resale rights products in general and are not specific to any one product.  If you have never setup a reseller product before, they are a good place to start.

Important Note regarding the setup of our packages:

The majority of our packages are “pre configured” with the order buttons and download links already configured to the pages for you, so all you need to do is insert your Paypal payment link into the order.php file by following the instructions here.

Then just upload all the files that are inside your site files folder along with all the product zip files you have received to the same folder on your web host.

*Note video instructions for registering a domain name, setting up web hosting and uploading files are in the “bonus videos” section below if you need them.

Resale Rights Setup Videos:

Video #1 – Introduction/Tools You Will Need

Video #2 – Getting Your Product Ready

Video #3 – HTML Editing Basics

Video #4 – Customizing Your Pages

Video #5 – Connecting Your Downloads

Video #6 – PayPal Setup & Automation

Video #7 – Uploading & Testing


Bonus Videos:

Video #1 – How to register a domain name

Video #2 – How to choose & register a web host

Important note on setting up multiple products:

Please note you do NOT need to purchse a seperate domain and web hosting for every product you launch.  You can have one domain name and the upload your individual products to “folders” on your web host (i.e.  Folders can be created from the File Manager inside your web hosting cPanel account.

Video #3 – How to change nameservers for your domain

Video #4 – How to upload files with Filezilla

Video #5 – How to setup Aweber autoresponder


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